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WD Tech is a software developer dedicated to enhancing the Wix platform through the development of custom solutions that expand upon core business functions and design tools.

Developing the Next Generation of Wix Apps

Wix Apps from WD Tech

Request a Quote for Wix eCommerce

The first Request a Quote App for Wix wholesalers & service providers. The app includes advanced widgets specifically designed for wholesalers using Wix for e-commerce.

Discounts for Paid Plan Holders

Merchants wishing to offer discounts to paid subscribers (like Amazon's "Prime" membership) can now do so in Wix. Choose to either offer a flat or tiered discount program to paid subscribers of your site.

Before & After Display

Showcase your best work on your Wix website with this simple-to-use widget. You'll be able to make your site more interactive through this no-code tool that lets users toggle between images that demonstrate your expertise.

Rotating Text Elements

This app lets you design animated elements in your Wix site by adding a dynamic title to your site.

Personalized Display Elements

This app gives designers a no-code solution to add additional personalization to their site. The app includes a selection of widgets from "Welcome, [First Name]" text to buttons that either display or hide based on whether the user is logged in.

About WD Tech, LLC

At WD Tech, we believe that every user, regardless of their coding abilities, should be able to create a beautiful and functional website. That's why we're dedicated to developing top-of-the-line solutions that offer easy-to-use functionalities and design capabilities. Our team of experts is always standing by to provide technical support and assistance, ensuring that users can take advantage of everything our apps have to offer.

Our Investors & Partners

Our company was founded through partnership with organizations that specialize in bringing new technologies to market in both the private and public sector.

To inquire about partnership, contact


WD Strategies, LLC

WD Strategies is the founding company from which WD Tech was spun off. 

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